Diane's Line 02: Partner View

My girlfriend Diane recently had a shared sexual experience with one of my best friends. Daniel agreed to write down his version of what happened and we planned to compare our stories. It was a first for both of us. I assume it was also the first time for Diane although we have a lot to discuss now.


Girlfriend is exhibitionist and voyeur in front of friend

Consistent with most Saturday mornings, I was out playing soccer. Daniel,one of my best friends, stopped by my house to clean up. He had something planned later and it was common for him to shower at my place as he lives north of town and out of the way a bit. We are on the same soccer team and often work out together on weekends.

Diane, my girlfriend, has been staying at my place recently as she was between apartments. It's been great having her here more but I know she still wants to find her own place eventually. We are a great couple and most of our friends are envious of our relationship. We communicate well although this experience made it clear we need to honestly explore more of our sexual boundaries. Truthfully, I've wondered before if this experience was something I wanted to encourage but never found the right moment to bring it up.

I have two showers, and when Daniel and I finished cleaning up his evening plans got cancelled. I had nothing planned and invited him to just hang out with Diane and I. Diane eventually came home with a bunch of boxes of crap for Goodwill. Her sister was known to hoard lots of clothes and Diane wanted to look through them before they were donated. I didn't have a lot of room for Diane to store much but we all agreed to sort through the bags and keep the best stuff. I still love costume parties and was hoping for some fresh options.

Most of the stuff was pretty useless and we reboxed them for quick disposal. But we did find a good assortment of vests, skirts, and other fun sexy stuff.

Diane loves dressing up for me and I was afraid having Daniel there would kill an opportunity. Luckily I was wrong and him being there opened up a new opportunity. I grabbed something see-through and teased Diane to model it for us. I wasn't sure if I really wanted Diane to expose herself to other guys in front of me, but the thought of pushing her passed flirty limits was exciting.

Diane wasn't taking my bait easily and complained that I just wanted the girl to show off. She tried to use Daniel as the excuse suggesting he would be uncomfortable. She wasn't wrong so I didn't have a defense. But I also knew Daniel had a crush on Diane and would totally thank me if I could create any opportunity to see her naked. Daniel revealed his interest by telling her he wouldn't be uncomfortable if she wore the shirt I was holding.

Her response was even more surprising than if she had agreed to wear the see-through top. She asked both of us to model our costumes for her.

I've always been one to love the stage so modeling costumes is totally my thing. Daniel is a bit more stiff but seldom shies away from following my lead. I pulled Daniel to his feet and quickly got him to agree to accept Diane's challenge.

Daniel agreed and we gathered Diane's selections. Some were ridiculous and some of the women's clothing would never fit us. We stepped in the other room for some of the changes requiring clothing removals.

Since Diane indicated she wanted us to entertain her, I pressed her to be a dominatrix. It was up to her to dress us both as she desired. This concept made her pause a bit but she eventually took the role to heart. I pushed her a bit saying as a dominatrix she needed to impose her sexy desires on us. I tried my best to encourage her flirty side.

Diane slowly walked around us both sizing us up. She sifted through the pile and handed us festival style vests. We have a good physical connection. Some women have a thing for the male butt. I've learned Diane is totally turned on by men's chests. I've spent a lot of time lifting weights once I learned this trait. Luckily Daniel is equally a gym user as I am. I am certain Diana gave us these vests specifically as a result of her chest fetish. Some men would be jealous but I admit it excited me knowing that Diane wanted to see Daniel in a vest.

We stepped out to remove my shirts and put on the vests. When we entered the room again Diane was clearly admiring both of our arms and chests. She tugged at the buttons on my vest. I felt she was avoiding touching Daniel. Diane partially opened my vest. She was complimenting me while avoiding making any reference to Daniel. It was somewhat awkward. It was also somewhat titillating with sexual energy. Her obvious avoidance of recognizing Daniel made it clear she wanted to check him out. I was the first to mention it and asked why she hadn't opened Daneil's vest.

This made her stutter a bit with an eventual response telling me to back off. She reminded me she was in charge and will decide who and where she will touch. I just affirmed her authority knowing I pushed her into a corner. Diane now handed us two skirts to try. She knows I love wearing skirts at music festivals; the more flamboyant the better. We exchanged the skirts for ones that would more likely fit and stepped out to change.

My next move may have seemed calculated but I was just winging the entire thing on intuition. In hindsight I was taking some risk without sufficient thought. Diane and I can honestly talk about nearly anything. But this scenario just hasn't been a conversation yet. So the risky decision I made next probably opened the door further. I decided to put my skirt on commando and told Daniel to do the same. We've showered together a lot at the gym so seeing each other naked wasn't strange at all. But asking him to hang free under a skirt in the presence of my girlfriend probably shocked him. As is normal for our fun together he followed my lead. We wiggled into our skirts with only our vests covering our upper bodies. It was fairly clear we had very little fabric covering us. I was worried Daniel would get aroused which wasn't going to be hidden well. I pulled us both out for Diane's inspection.

Diane immediately described us as genies just released from the bottle. It was a fairly accurate depiction.

I remember saying, "As genies recently released from a bottle, you would be our master."

Daniel played along but was quiet. He didn't seem that uncomfortable but also wasn't too confident about what was coming next. To keep the momentum I followed up with, "And as our genie master you can tell us what to do next."

Diane walked over to me, aligned my skirt, grabbed my vest, and placed her hands on my chest. She was enjoying the control we had given her. Diane looked me up and down, still avoiding Daniel; an indication that the sexual tension still existed. Next she stepped into the master role and stepped to the side in front of Daniel. This was the first time she gave Daniel any direct attention. She adjusted his skirt which brought her hands to his waist. I was curious if she would detect that absence of underwear. Then she also partially opened his vest to match mine. At this point her physical touching of Daniel got serious. I was both thrilled and anxious. She placed both of her hands on his chest, staying there for what felt like an eternity.

I remember her asking me if this was OK. She looked me straight in the eyes with her hands still on his chest, teasing me.

My mouth was dry but I was able to croak out that she remained our master and everything was OK.

She looked back at Daniel and asked him if he was OK too. Their stare was close and intimate. And I found it intriguing more than worrisome.

Daniel said something about being open to anything she directed but without any expectations. He glanced at me a few times to ensure I was ok. I hoped he understood that it was all good. I didn't want him to misunderstand and leave. His response felt like he was willing to stay until one of us told him to leave; which was true.

Diane grabbed his chest and pushed him back.

Diane laughed and said she was having fun. I was afraid she was saying the fun was over and was looking for any way to keep her involved. I didn't fully understand my feelings but I also wanted to see if she would keep touching us; both of us.

I think I asked if Diane was also going to try on some costume. She grabbed some clothes and stepped out of the room to change. We mostly just stood there quietly until Daniel whispered to me if I was OK with him staying. Before I could answer Diane returned.

Diane was wearing a similar outfit. She announced that she was still the master Genie and we remained beholden to her instructions. We both submitted. She had an elf-like skirt with a rather cumbersome full top. Daniel looked disappointed in how much clothing she decided to wear. I think we were both hoping for something see-through.

I was more hopeful given the fact that she was still playing the master role. She tends to be more submissive in bed, which works for me. She has a strong personality but sexually she likes to be dominated. So this master role was quite different for Diane. Neither Daniel nor I gave her any direction. We stood at silent attention awaiting her directions. She pushed us both back to sitting on the couch. Diane straddled me. It wasn't a normal sexual act for her but was consistent with being our master. We both sat stiffly with our hands at our sides. Diane started rubbing my chest under my vest. This was the first indication she was focusing on what may be arousing her. She unbuttoned my vest completely. I was mostly shirtless sitting next to Daniel. She seemed aroused as she observed my body.

Her biggest venture next was reaching over to Daneil and placing her hand under his vest onto his chest. She didn't verbally ask for permission but seemed to wait for my response. I just smiled in affirmation. She was rubbing both of our chests, glancing back and forth. She must have gotten enough encouragement from me to continue. ASoon she opened his vest exposing his upper body. I inched toward Daniel slightly to give her a better reach.

Diane verbally asked both of us if we had any reservations. I repeated that she was our master Genie. Daniel gave the same response. He must be interested enough as he didn't seem to need any more permission from me.

Diane shifted onto my left leg, humping it. I felt her sexual warmth on my bare skin. When she started kissing me, and grinding my leg, I moved my one hand between her legs. She let me finger her some while she also kept rubbing both of our chests. At times she was gripping both our chest muscles hard.

I started lifting Diane's top off with my free hand. This may have been over the line but I was hoping she would do it since she allowed me to finger her in front of Daniel. To her credit, she didn't stop me but asked Daniel to close his eyes. She removed her hand from his chest and helped me pull her top off. I was so incredibly shocked and pleased. She placed her hand back on Daniel's chest while we kept kissing. She seemed to get nervous because she asked Daniel to also turn his head away from her to insure he wouldn't peek.

At this point I really wanted her to include Daniel more. I still wasn't sure what I wanted her to do with Daniel. I hadn't really thought through sharing Diane with anyone in detail. I knew that I trusted Daniel more than other friends, and I knew at this point that I was more excited than jealous. So I decided just to ask. I told Diane if she wanted to be an exhibitionist she needed to let Daniel watch. I intentionally used the term exhibitionist as that was less direct than sharing or getting into a threesome thing.

Diane took no more time than it took to take one deep breath when she used both hands to grab Daniel's face and turn it towards her. As she leaned over and looked him directly into her eyes she sternly said, "This is a one-time thing and very private. You will tell no one!" Daniel agreed.

Diane smiled and sat upright. Daniel was clearly thrilled to see my girlfriend topless sitting next to him humping my leg. He took the liberty to gaze over her body completely but made no move to touch her. Diane wasn't phased and was humping my hand and leg with viger at this point. I found it thrilling to have my friend visually exploring her body.

Diane's hands slid down my skirt. She started rubbing my erection which wasn't hidden much under the skirt. At this point she noticed I was commando with a bit of shock. "You too?" she asked Daniel? We just sat silently with sheepish grins. She lifted up my skirt for confirmation which was quickly affirmed as my raging hard on was exposed.

She let us know clearly that she was only into the visual today, followed by lifting my skirt for full display of my erection. While we have seen each other naked in a gym setting, neither of us have seen the other's erections before. I was quite certain that I was going to see Daniel's soon. His presence was absolutely part of Diane's excitement.

Diana kept stroking me while also touching Daniel's chest. She wasn't fully concentrating as I was giving her a lot of stimulation with my hand. Daniel's erection was quite obvious under his skirt.

Diane's hand on his chest slid down towards his skirt. I wasn't sure how far she was going to go since declaring she was only visually interested. Especially since I was fingering her. I thought maybe she meant only visual interest with Daniel. I was hoping he would be OK with that limitation.

I may have made a bad judgement but I grabbed her hand which was sitting on Daniel's stomach above his skirt and slid her hand onto his erection. I only meant to give her encouragement but Diane slapped my hand and returned it to my side. I sat obediently. Daniel probably also wanted to touch Diane but this was her game and I wasn't about to make that mistake again. The visuals of her bare breasts were more than enough for both of us.

Diane did take her hand and unzipped Daniel's skirt along the side. Now the skirt material was just laying across his erection.

Diane asked if she could see another cock. She asked both of us. I gave my consent. Daniel did too.

Diane flung his skirt to the side exposing him completely. I was sitting next to my best friend; both of us with erections; totally exposed to my girlfriend.

Diane's hand started at his chest and slid down to his stomach, eventually landing at the base of cock. His cock was standing above my girlfriend's hand. Her left hand was still exploring my exposed body. She continued riding my leg, enjoying my fingers up her pussy. My hand was getting cramped but I would be damned to give her any reason to pause.

I shifted around a bit indicating a need for a new position. Holding Daniel's aroused cock must have taken Diane to the next level. She lifted herself up and onto my waiting cock. Surprisingly this confirmed my hope that she also wore no panties under her skirt. That meant she also had the original intention to expose herself when she changed clothes. I was glad I was not out of line.

She started fucking and kissing me, and touching Daniel. Her hand moved from his chest to his cock and back. Every so often she would look over and watch him struggle. She was not trying to get him off and clearly wanted the visual stimulation of seeing her hand on another man's cock. It was unclear if or when either of us was going to cum. We both knew our role was for Diane's pleasure.

Soon I indicated I was going to cum if she didn't slow down. Diane told me to ride it out and fucked me fast through an exceptionally hard ejaculation. Diane was also clearly pleased with herself as she leaned forward to rest on my, one hand still on Daniel's body.

After a few moments of silence, Diane said she wanted me to clean up while Daniel left. She was going to take a shower upstairs. I have experienced some of Diane's kinky side but her next action was clearly a last display of power. She lifted up from my exhausted dick and deposited my cum onto me. She simply straddled above me until gravity cleaned her out. There was nothing to do but laugh. I slid out from under Diane and went to the bathroom to clean up. Part of me wanted to see more interaction between them but I also didn't want to sit around with my cum sliding off my body. On my way out of the room I remembered instructing them that if they were going to have fun together I wanted to be called back first to watch. Part of this was a request and part of this was an invitation. Diane said she wasn't going to fuck Daniel and that I should get cleaned up.

From the downstairs bathroom I could still hear their conversation. Diane asked Daniel not to cover up. She wanted to see his hard cock more. I wasn't sure if Daniel wanted me to give him an out or if he was still waiting for something. Diane told him to keep my hands at his side but continued to rub his body. I didn't take too long and came back to the doorway to see what was happening. Daniel looked like he was nearly exploding, even without his cock being touched. Diane's naked torso knelt next to him. Her hair was pulled over one shoulder intentionally sexy. Her posture was extremely sensual.

Diane looked up at me while stating she wanted to see him cum. She asked if that was ok. I gave a thumbs up. Daniel was unaware of my presence but probably wasn't reserved enough to actually check in with me. I was OK with his response since she had my approval and her own autonomy. Obviously he said it would be ok but respectfully also repeated that he didn't expect anything and was willing to leave.

Something was said about the exhibitionist now becoming the voyeur. She laughed and grabbed his cock with one hand and jerked him to completion. It didn't take long. As with me, she left everything on him to clean up.

She remarked about liking the feeling of control. Diane said she was going upstairs to shower and said I should join her in shower once Daniel leaves. She also thanked Daniel for the experience while also clarifying that she hadn't done any of this before. Just as she was walking away, I motioned for her to go back. She returned to Daniel, placed his hand on her breast, and kissed him goodbye. It was a very intimate kiss, one of gratitude. She took a deep breath and went upstairs. Daniel continued staring at her amazing bare back until she was completely gone.

Daniel wiped himself off with tissue and got dressed. We hugged and laughed about an unbelievable experience. I asked if he enjoyed getting off with my girlfriend. He said he did and was glad I was OK with everything. I told him how glad I was that it was him. His presence was perfect. Daniel left with a broad smile when I told him to go so I could get in the shower with Diane. I am sure that experience was new for all of us. I trusted him to keep our secret and hoped maybe it could happen again.












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