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Leo: So the strangest thing happened today.

Leo: You know that woman I've been flirting with online?

Jenny: Which one?

Jenny: You have so many that I can't remember.

Leo: (Naoko. The really hot one who sent me pictures of herself in sexy undies?) :P

Jenny: Oh, that one :)

Leo: She met me for lunch!

Jenny: Wow! I thought she wanted to only exchange e-mails and to chat!

Leo: That's what I thought too. But last week she changed her mind. So, I was expecting to meet, chat, etc. I thought she would be quite charming.

Jenny: And...

Leo: So, she said she would meet me at Starbuck's.

Jenny: I'm listening.

Leo: She was VERY attractive. And she had on a stylish yet sexy shirt that was pretty revealing.

Leo: She looked as good as her best photos (better, actually, in person).

Leo: She offered me a cup of hot coffee outside Starbucks. I took a sip, and started to feel a bit dizzy.

Jenny: A bit dizzy?

Leo: And then she said, "Are you alright?" and took my hand. I remember that her hand was so cool. I said, "I'm not sure." She said, "Here, come with me, I'll sit you down..."

Leo: She took me to her car. It was a big minivan with dark windows. I was feeling very strange, light-headed. I stumbled as we walked.

Leo: She opened up the back door of her van, and lay me down on the back seat. Just in time: I passed out!

Jenny: Wow, then what?

Leo: When I woke up, it was pitch black.

Jenny: (Still listening.)

Leo: I tried to rub my eyes, but I realized that my arms were tied down.

Leo: I tried to sit up, but I found that I couldn't. I was strapped somehow. I couldn't move my legs either. I realized I was naked.

Jenny: Hmmmm.

Leo: Then I heard her voice.

Leo: "Leo, are you awake?"

Leo: I said, "Yesshh... I thinkkhh." (I was still a bit groggy.)

Leo: Then there was a flick and a spark, and she was standing right above my head, looking at me upside down, with a match in her hand.

Jenny: You didn't ask why you were tied?

Leo: I still wasn't thinking very clearly. In the matchlight she looked evil, but even sexier, in a way.

Jenny: Evil...hmmm.

Leo: I said, "where am I? Why am I tied up like this?"

Leo: She said, "You're in my room. And you're tied up so that I can do any..." she blew out the match. "...thing..." She dropped it, still hot, onto my chest. "... I ..." She licked my neck in the darkness. "...want to do to you."

Jenny: Wow! I'm waiting... Keep going!

Leo: The match really burned me, especially at first. "Heyyy!"

Jenny: Not a wax but match! It would hurt!

Leo: I tried to struggle, but all the straps were tight and tied well.

Jenny: So she knows how to use ropes...

Leo: "Naoko, I really don't think this is..." Then I felt a slap across my face.

Jenny: Ouch!

Leo: "Did I tell you that you could address me by my name?!"

Leo: Her voice echoed in the darkness.

Leo: I heard her moving around the bed (table?) where I was strapped down.

Leo: *Flick* another match.

Jenny: Noooooooo!

Leo: She was now standing on my right side, next to me. She lit a small tea-light candle.

Jenny: Here it comes!

Leo: "It'll take awhile for that to melt. In the meantime, I need you to do something for me." She looked at me, her face half in shadow. Her red lips smiled.

Leo: I was afraid to say anything, so I didn't.

Jenny: Good move.

Leo: (Yes, I'm a quick study.) She trailed her fingers around in my chest hair, then down to my belly, up over my neck to my cheek.

Leo: *smack* She smacked me again.

Leo: "When I say I need you to do something for me, you're supposed to say, 'Yes, mistress, whatever you say!'"

Jenny: ...

Leo: I waited for a moment, and then said... "Yes... mistress... whatever you say..."

Jenny: Good boy

Leo: Suddenly she seemed to get a little shorter. I felt something hard and a little sharp on my leg. She dragged it up, over my knee and thigh, pelvis, belly, and chest. It was the spiked heel of one of her shoes.

Leo: "I need you to suck on my heel, good boy."

Leo: Suck on her heel? I didn't really think I wanted to do that. "I... um..." But I also didn't want to get in more "trouble".

Leo: She didn't wait for my answer anyway. She slid the heel to my lips, took my chin in her hand, and pushed down.

Leo: "I SAID I WANT you to SUCK it."

Leo: I tasted the leather of her shoe heel a moment later.

Jenny: Hope she put some honey on the

Leo: Nope - she wasn't that nice.

Leo: I tried turning my head to one side. She lightly tapped my cheek with her fingertips. "Aah ah ah! You can't just suck it. You have to LIKE to suck it. You have to WANT it. Just like you were me, and this heel is your own cock. You have to suck the heel like you want me to suck your cock. You understand? And I KNOW you want THAT, don't you?" She grabbed my cock for a moment and rubbed it, just to make her point.

Leo: I nodded. It was humiliating, but I couldn't lie. I DID want it.

Leo: So, I tried the best I could.

Jenny: Be honest, did you like that?

Leo: Yes, and no. And, yes.

Jenny: Mmmm. Keep going!

Leo: I licked the heel, around and around, and got it wet, and sucked it soft with my lips deep into my mouth.

Leo: "Thaaaat's right." She rubbed my cock more as she spoke. "I might be able to make a proper slave of you yet."

Leo: She jerked the heel out of my mouth. "Of course, I can't let you finish just yet."

Leo: She squeezed my cock, a bit too hard.

Leo: "Because first, I have to teach you another lesson!"

Leo: I was worried what that might be.

Jenny: What is it? You've gotten me all curious!

Leo: I heard something rustle, and moved my neck a little to look up. I saw that she was taking off her clothes.

Leo: I couldn't really see anything, but I regretted looking in a moment. She saw me.

Jenny: WHOOPS.

Leo: "I didn't say you could watch, did I?"

Leo: "Um... no, mistresss, er... I..."

Leo: Before I could say more she stepped over to my side quickly and blew out the candle.

Leo: Then, like a flame, I felt something burning, burning hot on my belly, dripping slowly down the left side of my body. It was the hot melted wax!

Jenny: Ow, ow!

Leo: I turned my body but it would not roll off. It burned in place for too long.

Leo: "That's what the bad boy gets. No light, so you can't see, and hot wax, so you learn your lesson."

Leo: I just moaned a little from the pain. I heard her move up next to my head. Then I realized she was leaning over me. I could feel her hair in my face.

Leo: "Hey, bad boy. Do you know your punishment?"

Leo: "No, mistress."

Leo: "Your punishment is that right now, my nipple is in your face. But you can't see it, can you?"

Leo: "No, mistress."

Leo: I felt something soft brush my cheek. I could smell her skin. It was her breast against my face!

Leo: "And the other one." Her voice came from the darkness above my head. Cool skin touched my face on the other side.

Leo: "But you don't get to watch."

Leo: "And..." suddenly the burning again on my chest...

Jenny: Owww!

Leo: She said, "You're getting hot, so I'll make you hotter!"

Leo: I opened my mouth to yell out, and found a breast there.

Leo: "Suck on it instead of screaming out!"

Leo: "Yes, mistress" I tried to say, but it was difficult.

Leo: Then, more wax dripping on my chest. "MMMMPH" I moaned into her breast.

Leo: "That's gooood." she said. Suck it in, lick around it...

Jenny: Is it just me or is it getting really hot in here?

Leo: She stayed there for a few minutes. Then she switched, putting the other one in my mouth. She pushed against me so hard that I almost felt like I couldn't breathe. My mouth was full of nipple!

Leo: But I also loved the feel of her chest, the taste of her skin. The way her nipples grew hard in my mouth. I licked circles, figure eights, sucked hard, nibbled, anything I could think of.

Leo: "Good boy!"

Jenny: That what I would have said too!

Leo: She pulled away, in the dark.

Jenny: Can I tell you, I'm getting pretty excited! Keep going!

Leo: :) Excited is good! (keep those hands on the keyboard!)

Leo: (Or, don't! ;) )

Jenny: LOL :P

Leo: I felt breath on my face. Hot breath. Then on my neck. Then wetness. She was licking down my neck, over my collarbone.

Leo: Then to my left nipple.

Leo: She sucked it in. Quite hard. Then she bit it, also hard.

Jenny: Ow again! This woman likes inflicting pain!

Leo: Suddenly I felt something freezing cold on my cock. Ice!

Leo: "I thought you needed a little cooling down."

Leo: The cold water dripped down over my cock and balls. It was SO cold.

Leo: She started rubbing me up and down with her hand, and with some ice. I just shook my head back and forth. There was nothing I could do.

Jenny: Keep going.

Leo: She placed the ice on my belly and removed her hand. "Slave boy?"

Leo: I answered, coming back from my mental detachment. "Yes, mistress?"

Leo: "I need something else from you. Stick your tongue out as far as you can."

Leo: I was long past the point of resisting anything she asked of me. I stuck it out.

Leo: "Now keep it out."

Leo: I did.

Leo: I heard her breath in my ear. She kissed my cheek, then licked slowly up the left side of my tongue.

Leo: She circled the tip lightly with her own tongue. "Keep it hard like your frozen cocksickle!"

Leo: She started to suck on my pointed tongue.

Leo: "Hard, and long, good boy."

Leo: My tongue started to ache. "No relaxing, we're just getting started!"

Leo: She sucked a little more, her head bobbing up and down over my face. Each time she came down, I felt the ends of her hair on my eyelids.

Leo: Then she disappeared. I heard the sound of something heavy like a stool or desk or chair. I heard steps close, on both sides of my head.

Leo: Her voice, far above me.

Leo: "I want your tongue."

Jenny: Curious!!

Leo: I heard the sound of someone moving above me. Closer... then felt something brushing my face.

Leo: She was squatting over me!

Leo: I was surprised.

Leo: "Where'd that tongue go?!" a foot gently kicked the side of my face.

Leo: Oh no! In my surprise I had put it back inside my mouth!

Leo: Quickly I stuck it out again. It touched... nothing.

Leo: "You have to stretch it further!" Her command shot out of the darkness above me.

Leo: I stuck it out as far as I could. Something brushed the tip of it.

Leo: "That's right."

Leo: I flicked my tongue back and forth. Wet folds of flesh there. Just barely in reach.

Leo: "Not too fast... keep your tongue still. I'll move."

Leo: I kept my tongue out straight. She started moving back and forth, lightly sliding her slit against it.

Jenny: Hmmmm.

Leo: "Gooood boy. Keep the tip hard." I tried to make it a tongue of steel.

Leo: She moved a little closer to me now. (Thank goodness, my tongue was about to fall off!)

Leo: She was really, really wet.

Jenny: I bet. She's not the only one, let me tell you!

Jenny: It's getting really hot around here.

Leo: Glad to hear it!

Jenny: You know when I go to sleep, I don't wear underwear...maybe I should so i don't make a mess.

Jenny: Well, I have to do some laundry tomorrow anyways.

Leo: Well there's more to come (so to speak) so pace yourself! Anyway, this woman sits down further on my face. My tongue is now pressing into her sex a little bit. I can feel some stubble where she has recently shaved.

Leo: For the first time, she makes sounds of real enjoyment. "MMM. Yeah." She keeps moving back and forth.

Leo: "You're a smart boy. You study your Ni...Hon...Go... right?"

Leo: (She pulled my hair a little with each syllable.)

Leo: "Yeah..." I started to say, but she pulled harder.

Leo: "No talk!. Nod your tongue up and down or wag it from side to side."

Leo: I moved it up and down. It slid from one end of her sex to the other.

Jenny: Inquiry: are you getting hard telling me about this?

Leo: I'm 3/4 hard. But simply from you asking, maybe 4/5. Laugh!

Leo: How are things over there?

Jenny: Let's just say you should keep on typing!

Leo: Sure thing!

Leo: "Do you know my name?" She asked me between hot exhalations.

Leo: I slid back and forth in her sex, "yes".

Leo: "That's right, you do. My name is Naoko."

Leo: She kept moving back and forth.

Leo: "Put your tongue right up front, on my clit." I did as I was told.

Leo: "Nope, that won't do." She seemed frustrated. She got up for a minute, turned around, and sat down again. Everything was reversed. She was now facing down, toward my belly, but still seated on my face. "Again. My clit. Hurry!"

Leo: I stuck my tongue up again.

Leo: "Gooood." She ground into my face for a moment. Then she grabbed my (now hard) cock.

Leo: "You said you're studying Nihongo, right?" Two slides of my tongue up and down, "yes". "Mmmmm. good. Remember your hiragana, then?"

Leo: Two more slides, yes.

Leo: "Ah, ah! two little slaps on my hard cock. Nihongo, onegaishimasu! Hiragana dekiru, ne?"

Leo: I thought for a minute, then spelled on her clit with my tongue... は。。い。。

Leo: "Subarashii! Ii otoko desune!"

Jenny: Hahaha!

Leo: "Now, spell out my name!"

Leo: I did as she demanded. な お く Oops!

Leo: She noticed my mistake. "That didn't feel right!"

Leo: (If I wrote a whole book this way, you could call it "cliterature")

Jenny: Laugh. Don't stop, keep typing!

Leo: "You missed one! Do "ko" ten times so you remember it."

Leo: I did. Each time, she stroked my cock with her hand.

Leo: She started slowly at the base, then moved up, slid up (was she using lotion?) to the tip, which she squeezed on the way past.

Leo: "Now, deep inside, please!"

Leo: She sat down, fully, on my face. For a moment, I panicked. Then I stuck out my tongue, far into her sex.

Leo: "That's right! Deep, boy!"

Leo: She rubbed my cock faster, and sat down hard on my tongue, then lifted up again.

Leo: Up and down.

Leo: "Good..." down. up. "boy." down. up.

Leo: I could taste and smell her sex. I could hear the wet sounds from her all around me. Darkness and wetness. Her hand moved against me.

Leo: Then she shifted her weight, and my cock was warm in her mouth.

Leo: I groaned over my tired tongue into her pussy as she swallowed me deep.

Leo: She took her mouth off for a moment, and licked around the tip, along the shaft. "Keep that tongue long and hard, deep inside me, and I'll keep going, big boy!"

Leo: My tongue was about to fall off.

Leo: If it was possible for a tongue to shake with exhaustion, mine was doing it. But I kept on pushing it, pushing it, each time she moved back against me.

Leo: Soon I felt her hot mouth around my cock again. She took me deep, almost into her throat.

Leo: Mentally, I was gone. She had taken me past anything I experienced before. I had no control left. If she had asked me to bark like a dog, to scream nonsense, to lick her feet, her ass, her shoe, I would have done it. Tears ran down my face. I tasted their salt mixed with her juice.

Jenny: Mmmmmm.

Leo: But she didn't ask me to do any of those things. She just turned around.

Leo: "Boy. Now I want you to FUCK me."

Leo: She lit a match again, and a candle.

Jenny: Please, I hope she didn't hurt you anymore!

Leo: She didn't even wait for my, "Yes mistress." She flipped open a few buckles, and suddenly I was free. I sat up weakly, light-headed. She kneeled on a futon with her ass toward me, and spoke into the wall. Her voice was muffled by a stack of pillows in front of her. "DON'T make me ask you again!"

Leo: I didn't.

Leo: I went behind her, and pulled her cheeks apart.

Leo: I looked at the sex, at the pucker behind. These things were in my face just a few moments ago. My chin was still wet from them. My cock was pounding and hard. My tongue ached in my mouth. I slid into her easily as I said "Yes, mistress".

Leo: [Status check]

Jenny: [Nice and Wet. Keep typing!]

Leo: [MMMMM! I just went from 5/6 hard to 10/10!]

Jenny: Keep TYPING, dammit! :)

Leo: I grabbed her hips and started pumping in and out. She was wide open and hot inside. I could feel her pussy gripping me inside every time I got deep.

Jenny: So, give me more!

Leo: "FUCK ME." She said it in a low but deadly serious voice. She was looking straight down into the futon on the floor.

Leo: Her hair hung down on both sides of her face, swinging forward a little each time I pumped forward.

Leo: I moved forward and back, forward and back. "FUCK... ME... FUCK... ME". It was a metronome. The rhythmic slapping added to that impression.

Leo: I slid almost all the way out, back in again, as far as I could, then a little extra push. Her head shot up, she looked at the wall. "Yes! FUCK! ME!"

Leo: I fucked and fucked.

Leo: She started clutching the futon with her hands, nails.

Leo: She lowered her head a bit, angling her ass up toward me.

Leo: "Deep! Fuck! Deep!"

Leo: I did. A little change in tempo, then: Each thrust now was three strokes. Out, in, and IN DEEP.

Leo: I pushed against her ass for an extra moment each time.

Leo: "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

Leo: Then she started just making noises rather than words.

Leo: "Uhh! uhhk! uhh!!"

Leo: I joined in, no more language, no more coherence. Just the feel of fucking her wonderful hot pussy.

Jenny: Mmm Ooohhh Mmmmm.

Jenny: I like the way you move...

Leo: She opened her mouth wide, and stopped moving while I pounded into her...

Leo: Then, suddenly, she froze, while I moved in and out even faster. Every movement was mine.

Leo: She even drooled a little on the futon but didn't notice or care.

Leo: I was white hot inside of her.

Jenny: Yess...

Leo: She suddenly started screaming out, yelping, almost... "Aiee! oh! oh!" and she put her face down into the futon.

Leo: She's really coming now!

Leo: Her pussy starts tightening around me as she comes. I can feel her squeezing me.

Leo: I can't take it anymore... I explode inside her... over and over. Squeezing in slow motion, it's like my come is coming from the middle of my back to get there. More spasms than I thought I could, it seems like it never ends...

Leo: "Fucked me... fucked me..." She is saying into the futon.

Jenny: oooohhhhhhhh... yessssssSSSSS!!

Leo: I nearly fell over, sweaty and exhausted. Her ass was still in the air, still wet. I had a strange impression that it was talking to me. Then I realize it's just her, further down.

Leo: "Back in the straps, good boy."

Leo: I had no energy or will to fight. She wouldn't have needed straps anymore.

Leo: I got back on the table, and she secured me in place.

Leo: She got a hot washcloth and cleaned off my sex and body.

Jenny: Wow. Wow. Thanks for the orgasm, by the way!

Leo: Anytime, of course!

Jenny: Oh, she cleaned you off! How sweet she was.

Leo: Then, I smelled hot coffee.

Leo: She came up and kissed me on the mouth.

Leo: Believe it or not, she actually seemed a bit shy, "I just KNEW we'd get along well once we met in person!"

Leo: Then she poured some coffee in my mouth. I had to swallow it. Then I got woozy and dizzy again.

Leo: Then everything went black.

Leo: The next thing I knew, I woke up, cold, on a bench outside Starbucks!

Leo: Strange story, no?

Jenny: No, good story!!

Leo: So that's what happened to me today!

Jenny: What a good day you had. Let me know next time you meet up with her. I want a full report!

Leo: Will do. Now, go do some laundry. I'll chat you up again soon!

Jenny: Bye!

Leo: Bye!


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